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A Gargoyle’s Might: Excerpt [Lincoln’s magic pants]

July 2, 2012
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Lincoln stood a little straighter. Once more he wore human clothes, uncomfortable with his wings put away, but determined to do this ‘dating’ business. The cloth felt strange on his skin. Especially at his crotch. He’d once told Ivory that the skin at the area of his skin ‘pants’ was the same as what was on his penis. That wasn’t actually true. His penis had a lot of nerves in it, while the rest of his skin could be controlled to have nerves or not. He drew the surrounding skin over his penis to protect its sensitivity.

But now he was, for all intents and purposes, naked under the human jeans. And the sensation was a very strange mix of arousing and unpleasant. He found it easy to control his erections with his own skin, but these clothes let it jut out somewhat. It was embarrassing, especially since the cloth kept rubbing with every step he took.

To sum it all up, the human clothes were fondling him, and no matter that his mind knew it was just clothes, his penis didn’t. He stood awkwardly in front of Ivory’s door, shifting and squirming. Should he hold the flowers over it? But then he’d hand them to her and she’d see anyway. Perhaps he should pretend it wasn’t there?

He decided on the last, since it had worked the first time. Or he thought it had. Hadn’t it? He felt his wings tingle with nerves and fought to keep them in. If they came out now, they’d ruin his shirt by ripping through it.

He lifted his hand to knock on the door, then stopped. Perhaps he should put the box of chocolates in front of his crotch? He could have her take the flowers and put them in water, then he could put the chocolates down and sit down. Very quickly.

If he kept his hand there, would it be too obvious? He tried it, putting his hand over it, and realized that it was pretty awkward. It might actually draw attention there. He yanked his hand back.

Perhaps he could change its position? He shook his head with a sigh. He really needed to ask a werewolf how they dealt with this problem. He pulled the waistband of the jeans out a bit from his belly so that he could consider positioning. Perhaps if it was off to one side or the other more–


Startled, he nearly flung the flowers, and did drop the chocolates as he let go of the band of the jeans. “Ivory!” he almost squealed. Trying to calm himself, he said, “I brought you flowers.” He thrust the bouquet at her and bent down to grab the chocolates, alarmed that the whole scene hadn’t made him lose his erection, it had made it worse.

“Is there something down your pants?” she asked, blinking curiously at him.

“No!” Lincoln objected. When her eyebrows rose, he stumbled on, “Well, I mean, yes. But not…” Now she just stared at him as if he’d lost his mind. “Nothing that doesn’t belong there?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Are you saying, or asking?”

“Er…” Lincoln wanted to go out and strip. Immediately. “I’m a little new to wearing human clothes. They take some getting used to.” Granted, that was no real answer, but at least she shrugged and walked off into the kitchen.

Lincoln tried not to obsess about the fact that he hadn’t heard her open the door, instead looking over to see that she was dressed in slacks and a comfortable shirt. Sensible shoes completed her ensemble and he was grateful she’d listened to him.

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